Do you think the 3ds has the greatest game libary in gaming?

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  3. Do you think the 3ds has the greatest game libary in gaming?

User Info: Laytonc97

9 months ago#1
Tough question but it has some great games here.

User Info: hulkhogan1

9 months ago#2
SNES and PS2 are the best to me personally. Now if we're saying greatest library on a handheld then that's definitely a more reasonable claim to make.

User Info: este914

9 months ago#3
This Space For Rent.

User Info: SilentWanderer

9 months ago#4
I'd say the SNES has a greater library but the 3DS comes close.

User Info: Finn-X

9 months ago#5

User Info: darksamus1992

9 months ago#6
If you only count handhelds, yes.

I'm not sure about comparing it to consoles, but I think the PS2-3 library beats it. I'm counting everything you can play on each system though.
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User Info: Jaded_Dragon

9 months ago#7
For a hand held? Probably.

For gaming as a whole? Not even close.
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User Info: Raccoon1988

9 months ago#8
I'd say ds has better library and more variety.

Ds has vns rpg platformer puzzle and trilogy that results in a weaker sequel on the 3ds (yes you phoenix)

Psp even has better games than 3ds. Less third party support and this year is ultimate conclusion that 3ds is dead.
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User Info: GenerationX-Men

9 months ago#9
How does the DS have a better library if the 3DS can play all DS games? The 3DS therefore has a better library by default.

Being able to play games from past systems also increases the library exponentially.
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User Info: Fygaar

9 months ago#10
That belongs to the ds has the greatest library in gaming because its backed up by the gba.
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  3. Do you think the 3ds has the greatest game libary in gaming?

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