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Bass_X0 4 years ago#1
Would you download new Virtual Console releases? - Results (98 votes)
88.78% (87 votes)
11.22% (11 votes)
This poll is now closed.
There's a difference between wanting them to come back and actually downloading them if they did.

Are Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Gear and NES games worth supporting or should Nintendo just support VC on the Wii U and Switch?
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freedumbdclxvi 4 years ago#2
I download VC on my 3DS, so I'd love more.
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TinyTim123 4 years ago#3
I'll buy and download them if they're games I want to play. I bought Contra III when it released here, same with Demon's Crest.

I mean, I'm not just going to go around buying games I don't want, you know?
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Aquamew 4 years ago#4
If they're games I want, and are available on old 3DS (as that's what I have), then yeah.

I can't think of any I want that aren't already out or announced, though, besides Pokemon Crystal.
irulethegalaxy 4 years ago#5
If they actually put up games I wanted (and I can think of LOTS), absolutely.
lukeskywalker66 4 years ago#6
No. I don't pay for ROMs Nintendo downloads off the internet out of principle.
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Emmy_Altava 4 years ago#7
Not unless they're previously untranslated games or something with renewed access to features like Shadow Dragon or Super Mario Advance 4.
Questionmarktarius 4 years ago#8
...what new VC releases?
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dextorboot 4 years ago#10
It depends on the game but yes. I don't have a N 3DS so SNES games mean nothing to me.
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