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User Info: not_steve

5 years ago#1
I am trying to connect to my university's wifi, but because I need a login and password, I can't seem to connect as the 3DS only asks for a password. My university has a separate wifi for guests that requires you to login through a browser, but when I open the browser that doesn't seem to work either. Can anyone give me some advice/tips to connecting to my university's wifi?
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User Info: Simple_Problem

5 years ago#2
The WiFi at my work requires a password too, and the browser won't work for me either. It wasn't always like that. At home it's fine.

I've looked it up before. Others have the same issue. It seems like after a patch many months ago I can't connect to any public network.

Sorry, I'm no help, but I know what you're dealing with at least.
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User Info: MetaFalconPunch

5 years ago#3
Contact the university's IT. That was a necessary step when I set mine up, and even if yours doesn't go through the same process, I imagine they would still be able to help.
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User Info: not_steve

5 years ago#4
I called IT, they had no solutions for me. Pretty crappy :(
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User Info: MordecaiRocks

5 years ago#5
I'm in the same boat, it sucks. Can't even play MH Generations online now

User Info: Damaged7

5 years ago#6
Is it one of those open networks that you can connect to and THEN need to input your log in info? That's how my work is (Hotel) and I can usually just connect to the open wifi, then open the browser and try connect to anything then the log in info comes up.
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User Info: not_steve

5 years ago#7
The 3ds doesn't allow me to open or use the browser if it's not connected to wifi
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User Info: Kyle1022

5 years ago#8
I had this problem when I was in college. Just download Connectify and create a hotspot. It bridges your school's wifi and creates a hotspot that your 3DS can access. But you have to have your computer/laptop on and running the program to be able to connect.

User Info: CastorWilde

5 years ago#9
If your university provides a wifi meant for guests, don't use it for your 3DS or other gaming consoles (until you've connected with the main wifi). Lemme see if I can explain.

In my college, we have two different sets of wifi networks (if that's what ya call it). The main one is located in dorms with routers installed in most rooms or in distance of most rooms. We use our college info to register into the partnersite (resnet) where we have to create an account, add in devices via MAC address, and then internet is provided.

For cafeterias and classrooms, the schools usually provide their own wifi network and it's typically meant for guests and phones/ laptops which usually have poor connection given that its open to pretty much anyone.

My recommendation would be to find your uni's main source of internet (try searching for wifi signals in a dorm) and connect there. If it's locked, search the its name along with your school and see if the two are partnered. If there's a site your need to log in, use the username and password given by the school to register an account (if it's a good site, it'll assume you're a student at said uni and provide free services).

Just a question, do you live in a dorm? It makes it much easier to find your provider. Also, do you know what the name of the network/ router or your school is? I could check it out if it'll help :)
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User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
5 years ago#10
The 3DS doesn't support Enterprise WPA2, which is what a lot of universities use (e.g. security login with your account and password).

Using a laptop or something (that can connect via ethernet) and bridging might work, but that's about all you can really do.
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