20th anniversary new 3ds question

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User Info: NovaCast

2 years ago#1
This is mostly for people in the USA as it may have been packaged different somewhere else.

Every single system i have bought from Nintendo had a security seal sticker on the box , this one did not. Did the rest of you get the system like that too?

User Info: SoYtUjOdOn

2 years ago#2
I received mine with no security seal/sticker on the box.

User Info: NovaCast

2 years ago#3
Yes that's odd because while people who buy them in a physical store can't steal the download codes ( considering most stores keep them behind glass shelves) , the store workers can simple open the box and copy the codes.

And the reason i bring this up is because my codes don't seem to be working

User Info: SaturnSnowman

2 years ago#4
I was not aware the 3ds was celebrating it's 20th anniversary. A bit early isn't it?
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User Info: BurgerTime79

2 years ago#5
If worrying about store employees stealing product is high on your list of things to be bothered by, then you either live in a bad area, or are just paranoid.

Even the Wii U doesn't have tape on it as far as I remember.
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User Info: wentzelot

2 years ago#6
they dont come with sticker seals . maybe ur entering the code wrong

User Info: NovaCast

2 years ago#7
tried the codes 4 times and re-check they don't redeem

Is this pokemon limited edition 3ds the only one out ( in north america) of this size? This is an ideal size for a handheld ( imo).

I was thinking of buying another one because this one is for my niece but these ones are very hard to get now. I could care less about the pokemon version i just wanted a NA size new 3ds

User Info: BigKurz

2 years ago#8
Those codes are for the themes and not the game. You have to redeem them in the theme shop and NOT the regular eshop.
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