Pokemon Tretta Lab 3DS (Rumour?)

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User Info: rahxephon122

5 years ago#11
thatmovingbush posted...
would it be reasonable to assume that this wont be coming to NA (or Europe)?

Bingo. I have 0 localization hopes.

Just like how NA didn't get Pokemon Typing (although Europe did)
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User Info: Serebii from SPP

Serebii from SPP
5 years ago#12
Screenshots and details

The game has three modes. First is the Tretta Analyzer. This mode shows you the Pokémon from the Tretta puck scanned in, its type and stats. Second is the Type Checker. This allows you to compare two Pokémon and see if the type combination matches up. Third mode is Auto Battle where you scan in two Tretta pucks and it will automatically show them battle. The game, shipping on August 10th, comes with the scanner, a base for 3DS and 3DS XL, and three Pokémon Tretta pucks: Eevee, Mewtwo & Lucario.
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