If I were Nintendo's CEO I would make Nintendo a ton of money...

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User Info: Altmadragon

4 years ago#31
CircleOfManias posted...
ITT: Developing things doesn't cost money.

Seems legit

All Producers, programmers, directors, engineers etc etc all work for hugs an kisses and pats on the back.
Ha! Made you read.

User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#32
Tempest717 posted...
Might work in the short term, but in the long term you'd destroy the company.

exactly his ideas while awesome in theory would run the company into bankruptcy and this is a company that can survive the next 20-30 years at a loss and still be ok

User Info: Nightmare637

4 years ago#33
thank god your not Nintendo's CEO.
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User Info: imthestuntman

4 years ago#34
In this topic: i have no experience in business, but i know better than everyone else what a company should do!
I whole heartedly despise IGN. Bad reviews and incorrect information.

User Info: so64

4 years ago#35
Can we not belittle the topic creator's intelligence? I think the problem is that TC does not realize that Nintendo is a publicly traded company, meaning that Nintendo is technically beholden to two groups: the stockholders, and the consumers. Thus, Nintendo has to not only placate the desires of their fans and supporters, but they also have to placate the demands of their stockholders which often times conflict with their fans and supporters. Not to mention that a CEO does not have unlimited power in a company that is publicly traded. They have to respond to a board of directors and if the board views the CEO as being inefficient, they will fire them and replace them with someone new. Compounding this is that the board has to approve of the CEO's direction with the company and if they do not approve, they can interfere and possibly replace him.
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User Info: levyjl1988

4 years ago#36
TiamatKiller posted...
CircleOfManias posted...
ITT: Developing things doesn't cost money.

ITT: Risks and cost-benefits aren't part of running a business.

And for that matter, the Majora's Mask remake/sequel wouldn't even really be a risk, and neither would actually listening a little to the consumers.

Regarding eShop games, they've already started doing that with all their major releases.

Nintendo was quick to create a batch of emulated games for 3DS vets, see the ambassador games. Now it's unknown to us how much manpower and funds it took for it to be processed, but what it seems to be quite simple for coders who have all the assets available for them. Who knows Nintendo already have gotten many games emulated and are being tested for quality insurance. Heck there could be a lot of things hidden behind the scenes that fans don't know of. Slowly waiting for deployment strategies for timed releases.

It's Nintendo, they got billions of dollars. And seeing how we are slowly heading towards a digital future it's inevitable for them to head this route and make these games available for us.


Digital sales cost nothing in terms of operational cost. It cuts out the middle man the retailer, no packaging, etc. In the end it's all about convenience for consumers.

Now I do understand many companies have shut down or were sold. With Rare, they developed Donkey Kong 64, one of my favourite games. Luckily we got to see Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Perfect Dark HD on the 360. Even when Microsoft owned Rare, Nintendo made it possible to port a DS remake of Diddy Kong Racing with some alterations with Banjo's removal from the game.

I'm not saying that every title should be revived, that's practically really difficult. I wouldn't say impossible. But really, really difficult.

I'm going to ignore all the other insulting comments. Obviously Nintendo plans to create a firm VC eShop to meet consumer expectations and is going to be processed over the long run.

Also many developers tease fan demand, we wanted Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Bam!
Now if we can get a Final Fantasy 7 HD remake, a The World Ends With You Sequel, Pokemon on VC. Gamers would be ecstatic.
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User Info: Primum_Mobile

4 years ago#37
k TC. All nice ideas. now put them into an actually business plan w/ your resume, and show it to Nintendo. If they like what they see you'll be hired on the spot to replace Iwata. BTW, you should come up w/ a 10-year plan too so the board don't just replace you after your plan is set in motion.

And better make it snappy. You just post all your great ideas on a message board. Someone might steal them.
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User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#38
jovewolf posted...
levyjl1988 posted...
First thing I would do is...

1. Put all Nintendo first party games on the eShop, that means games like:
- Pokemon (GBA, DS all available), Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, etc.

That way gamers who missed the opportunity to play past games can buy it and play digitally. Digital GBA games will be reprogrammed to associate with other 3DS games for connecting.

2. Announce a Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Remake for 3DS.

3. Try to reconcile partnerships with third party publishers/developers that are still available to put their old games like Riviera: The promised land, Tactics, Ogre, etc on the eShop and give them a good incentive to do so.

4. Announce to fans fn the current trajectory. As we try to build hype, create a legacy system to preserve old title for easy access. This is to appeal to the nostalgic gamers out there.

5. VC for Wii U will have NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii titles available for eShop, while 3DS gets NES, GB, GBC, GBA, DS, 3DS available for it's VC.

6. Announce major hit titles for each IP. Star Fox, Pikmin, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, etc for each system.

7. Listen to fans, make them damn happy. Try to create a infrastructure that can match with Sony, Microsoft, Apple, etc.

8. Never censor anything, games that are localized just gets translated. No changes or alterations to piss off fans.

Let's face it Nintendo's direction so far is underwhelming.

1. Hooray for spending millions in ESRB, PEGI, and CERO fees to get those all re-rated! Also for completely rewriting GBA code apparently.

2. Sure - we going to wait until we have the internal teams free to work on that, or are we going to farm it out?

3. So what? I suppose at least comp them their rating board fees, then throw some extra money at them to sweeten the pot? So a few more million spent then. Good stuff.

4. So announce promises we may not be able to deliver on (with the way you're spending money) and announce that we spend stupidly large amounts on the VC program. Got it.

5. More thousands to millions in emulator development,

6. *sigh* BILLIONS in development fees plus stupidly overworking our teams, or farming out to several outside development houses and hope we have enough staff on hand to supervise the quality properly.

7. A new online architecture would be nice, but we'll have to start charging to access certain parts to maintain it so it won't start bleeding us dry (more than we're doing to ourselves anyway with these plans).

8.Let's dump a few billion into the legal fund now than so we can handle the lawsuits that come from this short-sightedness. Also - boring-ass translations instead of quality localizations. That'll win hearts and minds.

I don't know, looks like you lost Nintendo a ton of money to me.

agree with 6 alot 6 is one reason Doom4 is taking so long Carmack was so busy working on rage he never looked on their progress until two months after rage was released and it had linear levels scripted events and felt like COD and he had them scrap everything and start from scratch and this is why teams need supervision if unsupervised they will take the easy way out

User Info: Demon_Lionheart

4 years ago#39
From: jovewolf | #022
1. Hooray for spending millions in ESRB, PEGI, and CERO fees to get those all re-rated! Also for completely rewriting GBA code apparently.

Here's a thought - just skip all that and put them all up. The 3DS is capable of playing all those games. I'm able to drag and drop any GBA game onto my 3DS and have it play perfectly. What I'm *not* able to do, however, is pay Nintendo money for those games. If they were available on the e shop, I'd buy them. Since I can't, I feel no guilt in playing them my own way.

User Info: imthestuntman

4 years ago#40
The fact if the matter is nintendo as a video game company, despite being the worst from a hardcore gamers perspective it is actually one of the most profitable. You do realize that sony is broke and microsoft is only not in debt because of it being microsoft. They have this thing called a computer that they get money from 85% of them at least.
I whole heartedly despise IGN. Bad reviews and incorrect information.
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