What do you want Zelda 3DS to be about?

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User Info: pbandjames

5 years ago#21
Soeroah posted...
I won't lie, I would like more time travel based stories.

They are getting a little numerous though. Another idea I cautiously like to think about is a Zelda game set far in the future, but not technological. Say, Hyrule had an apocalyptic event happen 1,000 years ago or whatever, over 1,000 years what we new as Hyrule slowly sank underground and a new Hyrule Kingdom was built up eventually. Then, the Bad of the Game makes an appearance (or the ancient Bad that caused the event to happen begins to reawaken) and the new Link has to find a way to stop him.

In my mind, he'd do this by travelling to the ruins of ancient temples and learning about what happened 1000 years earlier, about a way to defeat the Bad, and exploring the temples. Admittedly, this idea was one I had for the Wii U, where you could use the Gamepad like a window to 'see' through time; look at a broken wall, hold the Gamepad to the screen and see the wall as it appeared pre-event. The 3DS would need a toggle item or something.

So, the temples in this game would be ancient temples from Old Hyrule, perhaps even a buried Hyrule Castle. Maybe a Goron City dungeon where Death Mountain resides. That sort of thing.

I like the idea of exploring a familiar-yet-decrepit Hyrule as a future Link.

I think that's a little too similar to Wind Waker. Just enough that it's noticeable and probably should be changed somewhat.
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