The three most wanted games in Japan are on the 3DS...

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User Info: BaseChouGoku

5 years ago#1
Here are the latest Famitsu Most Wanted Top 30 Games in Japan, Monster Hunter 4 is the most wanted title, followed by Dragon Quest VII for 3DS, and Shin Megami Tensei IV....

Monster Hunter 4 (3DS, Capcom)
Dragon Quest VII (3DS, Square Enix)
Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS, Atlus)

- The-Magicbox

User Info: kakashik99992

5 years ago#2
Wait for the next one for pokemon X/Y to take first place and then will be 4. But honestly is just logical Japan handheld market is bigger than the console one and Monster Hunter , Pokemon, Dragon Quest and Shin Megami tensei are some of Japan favorite franchises(well SMT not that much)
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User Info: MetalLoki

5 years ago#3
I'm not gonna lie, I didn't think that Japan would want SMTIV.
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User Info: Chenmaster2

5 years ago#4
Can you link the entire list?
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User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
5 years ago#5
Here's the full list.
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User Info: Endgame

5 years ago#6
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User Info: Sagadego

5 years ago#7
LOL endgame.
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User Info: duranmanX

5 years ago#8
Dont forget Super Smash Bros and the Professor Layton/Ace Attorney franchise
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User Info: Anclation

5 years ago#10
Nice to see Luigi's Mansion so high. I wonder whether Pokemon will prove able to dethrone Monster Hunter 4 in the next list.
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