Ages of the people that are buying Pokemon X or Y

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User Info: hyjinx17

5 years ago#51
will be 23 when it's released and it is my number 1 most anticipated game of 2013 now. This 9 month wait is gonna be hard, but it's better than a 9 month wait until the japanese release and another 6 months for US.
Rainbow Dash is best pony. The only argument I will accept is for Twilight Sparkle.

User Info: hardknock55

5 years ago#52
Will be 25 when its released. Buying a 3DS XL just for this game.
Dragons Dogma: Shadow(assassin) Pawn: Circe(Mage/Sorcerer)

User Info: King-gamer

5 years ago#53
20 yup

User Info: muffinmasher

5 years ago#54
Black 2 FC: 3654 8353 8201
"Barkley: Shut up and jam! Gaiden" Is the best RPG of all time.

User Info: MasterTK

5 years ago#55
27 - All my friends are playing Pokemon too. D:

Only childish teens thinks that Pokemons are only for kids and then they go play something like GTA.

User Info: ADHDguitar

5 years ago#56
19, 20 by the time it releases.
Still waiting for Diddy Kong Racing 2

User Info: eponastar

5 years ago#57
25 when it's out.
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Seriously, go play To the Moon

User Info: whitesigil

5 years ago#58

started with Red

User Info: whitesigil

5 years ago#59
nonexistinghero posted...
I will probably buy it at some point. Not sure if that's immediately when it releases. I'll be 28 when the game releases. I skipped all of the Black & White games. Was tired of Pokemon for a while after collecting all 493 in Pearl.

congrats on 493

User Info: Infini22

5 years ago#60

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