Should I get a 3DS XL?

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User Info: Genius_Sage

5 years ago#1
Hey all, I was thinking about getting an XL, I have a 3DS but I'm getting another one since my fiancee' wants to play the new Fire Emblem game since there is match making with the characters... :P lol

I figured I'd buy the XL and give her my 3DS since its in perfect shape with a case. But I was worried that the images were not crisp. Is this correct? I like nice sharp crisp images. If there is a poor resolution I'll just get her a regular 3DS.
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User Info: necrofear45

5 years ago#2
I almost wish I bought a normal 3DS instead of an XL. The screen quality is pretty bad, I really hope next gen Nintendo uses a high density display like Apple's Retina screens, or Apple finally introduces buttons (unlikely).

My PSP screen looks better than my 3DS screen, cause of the pixel density not being poor like XL devices. I remember being horrified when someone I knew showed me their DSi XL and it looked putrid compared to my DS Lite.

User Info: xLexLuth0rx

5 years ago#3
Yeah I have to agree with necro here, I was really underwhelmed when I got home with my XL the other day. I really was ready to love the s*** out of it but sadly it was a lost cause. I'm waiting the 7 days to transfer my Ambassador games back and then I'll be returning it. I got a great bundle deal, XL w/ MK7 for $179 but I simply like my black 3DS a lot more.
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User Info: viajarv

5 years ago#4
I gave away my 3ds to my cousin because I planned to buy the XL this week. Having just played with mine for the first time, I'm disappointed too. Choice of materials, hollow feeling, finish, feels so much inferior. Screen density I'm not as heartbroken about, but there's some disappointment there too. Only plus are the select/home/start buttons and of course larger screen.

User Info: katysu

5 years ago#5
I've just bought an XL (as I got a great price + a free game download - Prof Layton if I want it, its a UK offer, not sure if for other countries/regions).

The XL has advantages over my 3DS but has disadvantages too - so I'm hard put to say which I like better.
The only advantage to me in the XL is the larger screen (battery is supposed to last longer but not of importance to me) - and the larger screen is a big positive.

The screen quality is noticably lower to my eyes, but within tolerance.
Screen is a bit yellow but again not overly noticable when playing a game.

Not played much in 3d yet - I can't on the original 3ds, and I hope this will be easier on my eyes as the screen isn't reflective and other players have said that the sweet spot is larger.

I like the small neat size of the original, but the screens look tiny once you have played the XL.
If you can - go and try out an XL before you buy it.

If I was pushed into making a choice I would go for the XL - but that is purely because I am an older gamer.
If I was 20 again - I'd likely go for the 3ds - and try for a special edition bundle or a really good price.

Edit: personally I didn't think the build quality was that inferior on the XL.
I like the all matt black interior.
I did notice that the clams don't shut so closely together (the circle button & other things seem to keep them slightly apart) so the screen marking problem of the 3DS might not occur in this model.
Tho some players have said that their XL's have started to show marks on the top screen.
On balance I prefer the totally closed clam of the original 3DS.

User Info: viajarv

5 years ago#6
I usually prefer a matte finish as well, but it feels cheap. My playstation controllers are matte and they feel like a much denser or durable plastic. I agree about the feeling of it being fully closed too. When I close it, it feels hollow. There's a little reverberation inside the unit like there's just air inside. When I try to open the sd slot, the corner of the case is also pulled out a little, like in a cheaply made laptop. The stylus seems to be of less quality than my old DS lite, it's more like the shoddy replacement styluses I received when I bought a replacement shell for my DS lite from an overseas company.

User Info: viajarv

5 years ago#7
And I had been in the camp of wanting to switch to an XL from my 3ds. I went to a few targets looking for any XL units to demo, because most demo stations were usually 3ds. When I found one, the only portion of the xl you feel is the inside face, which isn't bad. But you can't close it, nor can you find out how the case feels because it's in a metal frame designed to keep it open.

User Info: BrianCraigSmith

5 years ago#8
I waited for the XL since the regular 3DS made my hands cramp up rather quickly; see if you can go to a store and feel which system is better for your hands. That way you'll be comfortable while you play. As far as how the screen looks, there's a slight difference but it won't slow your gaming down, or any of the other things you would normally do on a 3DS. Go for the XL.
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User Info: fa113nH3r0

5 years ago#9
I just recently got an XL after having a launch 3DS (sold it before price drop due to not liking the build quality). I much prefer the matte plastic feel.of the XL. It resembles a DSlite in many ways. The buttons feel better overall to me but I didn't like the hard plastic buttons of the original. The screen resolution is indeed lower but not terrible. Just don't expect the same quality you get from say a Vita.

So far though I enjoy my 3DS and candy wait to play some of the games I have missed like theater rhythem and KH.
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