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User Info: kyomagi

5 years ago#1
Does any one else have light surface scratches going from corner to corner . They are very hard to noticed but they are there.
Magistarkyo - PSN; kyoakuma - 360, 3DS FC - 4339 2637 1918

User Info: stop3

5 years ago#2
What do yo mean "corner to corner"? Like an X?

User Info: kyomagi

5 years ago#3
Not an x. Just 2 scratches. One short one long, going down the same side
Magistarkyo - PSN; kyoakuma - 360, 3DS FC - 4339 2637 1918

User Info: Warp_Zone

5 years ago#4
You mean the self-screen-scratching issue?
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User Info: hardy_83

5 years ago#5
If you mean on the sides on the top screen where the scratch is verticle, it's the bottom screen doing that.

It was a design flaw on Nintendo's part. Some systems had rubber numbs to stop it from pressing down on the screen at the bottom making scratches on top, but they weren't sticking out enough to stop it.

My system has those scratches and it sucks. I ended up getting plastic numbs (say the rubber nubs for an Xbox 360) to stop this.

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