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User Info: black_cat1985

5 years ago#1
Long story short, when to gamestop, no games for ps vita, a few cool games for 3DS and now i am the proud owner of my lovely Red 3DS.

It is really and impressive machine, i know the Vita is a powerful peace of hardware and most likely i will get it later on but for now im loving pretty much everything about the 3DS.

So i'm new to this Nintendo board but i will hopefully spend more time now. So i'm sorry if i'm been redundant about some of the stuff i will ask.

First of all, are you guys having issues getting the reward coins? i have tried several times to process my purchases and complete the surveys but it does nothing.

Second, i will definitely going to get a second one for my son and i was wondering if i can redownload all the games to a second 3ds so i have more control on what he plays and what not.

And lastly how are you liking Kid Icarus multiplayer, i just got pushmo and zelda as i have really not play OT but everyone seem hyped about KI.

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User Info: the_major89

5 years ago#2
no you cant download the games off your 3DS to his when you get him one.
it will only transfer them not copy.

you will have to re-downloads them and pay for them again.

and wlecome to the world of nintendo ;) tis a good world, even though I just got a psp(i know im a bit late but still) i still prefer the 3DS.

User Info: crazyray47

5 years ago#3
Mario Land 3DS is great, at least my son likes it

User Info: Spiffy247

5 years ago#4
If you want to play games with your son, Starfox 64 3D and Mario Kart 7 are both good choices.
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User Info: GameMaster14GM

5 years ago#5
there is a sort of parental lock for the 3DS that restricts Teen or Mature ESRB rated games from being played on the system i believe.

you can only let your son play off your 3DS's downloaded titles unless you'd want to buy it again. my best bet would be to download different games on each of the 3DS's, that way you guys have different titles and can borrow each others without having to pay double of one game, that is if he likes sharing xD

there are tons of good 3DS games out now, make sure your son is above 7 years of age before he can use 3D effects.

have fun and enjoy your system, be sure to download the demo's off the eshop after updating the systems, and check out retail games videos/details/etc

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