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User Info: Sketch722002

5 years ago#11
Final Fantasy2389 posted...
From: Sketch722002 | #009
the way your original post came off, it came off as you were calling me dumb because I asked about multiplayer when "you know" people are playing the campaign. I understood that. You could have simply replied with, I haven't gotten my copy yet, but when I do I will PM you about it, but you kinda came off as a jerk. IMO
That's not how it was meant to come off. And therein lies the problem with communication through text. If that's how you saw it then I'm sorry. I type how I talk, and I can see how adding, "You know" seems to be jerkish.

But if you still want, I'll PM you my findings later.

yeah that'd be cool, sorry about adding you into the jerk post.
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
5 years ago#12

From: Sketch722002 | #002
wow so no answer...ok

Perhaps answers would be more plentiful if you asked your question on KIU on the... KIU board.
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User Info: NettoSaito

5 years ago#13
Also the game features a loot drop system, so just like with PSO's PVP, or even the Megaman Starforce games. You don't jump in online with level 1 weapons when other people have pro weapons. You'll stand little to no chance.
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