Just curious, is the DS Lite discontinued?

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User Info: Someguy_13

5 years ago#11

From: SPDShadowRanger | #007
No, not yet. The source above is wrong. This one is from a month later:


Both sources can be right.

Or do you believe that Nintendo didn't create any kind of stockpile of DS Lites.
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User Info: hadla

5 years ago#12
flipzas posted...
hadla posted...
off topic, but if anyone has a 3ds and a ds lite, is the sound much lower on the ds lite? if not, mine must be defective...

Yeah, the DS lite has a slight quieter sound. Probably because the 3DS has better technology.

ok, i was thinking that, thanks. i was playing animal crossing on both and noticed the 3ds overpowered the ds lite.
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  3. Just curious, is the DS Lite discontinued?

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