SSFIV or DoA? Need suggestions...

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User Info: nickiohh

6 years ago#1
I'm quite a big Street Fighter fans(although, I'm not very good at the game), so I'm interested in owning the 3D version. I have look around for a bit and realize DoA is a better choice for most people. The point is, I have never play any DoA games before, so it didn't really caught my attention.

I don't really care about the lack of Arcade Edition add-ons, and I need you to help me decide. Thanks in advance.
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User Info: gnerdus

6 years ago#2

Never buy a Capcom game.
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User Info: h1ryu

6 years ago#3
SSF4 is great but hampered a little by the size of the Dpad and button placement. You can assign 'Hotkeys' to the touch screen for up to 4 special moves / Ultras etc. which may help while you learn the ropes and adapt to the controls. Some characters are a little too tricky for me to use with the 3DS controls.

DOA is great too, the controls work slightly better on the 3DS as it does not have such strict timing and input. Was also my first attempt to learn a DOA game but it's fun and easy to get in to.

Both games have plenty to unlock, online play and are fun. Personally I'd recommend DOA, but both are great.
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User Info: WickedSickJosh

6 years ago#4
Dead Or Alive

There's lots to unlock, there's multiple game modes (story/arcade/survival/throwdown challenges,etc), LOTS of trophies to collect and daily DLC costumes FOR FREE!!
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User Info: NoPointMade

6 years ago#5
If you don't have SSFIV version yet, get the 3DS one. some limitations are understandable but It's a faithful port, plus it was made more accesible with Easy Mode and new over-the-shoulder viewing. The 3D will not dissapoint you. I say this is a more polished product than DOA, probably because the graphics and control reeks of quality and I I think SSFIV's 'flashier' than DOA.

DOA has a lot of modes,lots of characters, a lot of free downloadable stuff (costumes, etc) that will keep you busy, and equally complex movesets, with responsive controls. A must buy if you're a fan of the old feel of DOA. IMO, DOA finally came back from absurdity (since DOA:Paradise). The 3D is alright, and I still enjoy it even when it's off.

I think they're both good deals either way, it's just a matter of choosing which one you want for now and which type of fighting game you want (2D or 3D).

User Info: IcedEarthaholic

6 years ago#6
I have DoA Dimensions, great, great game, and jaw-dropping for a handheld too. It's graphically right on par with at least DoA3 on the X-Box, the Metroid Other M stage looks amazing too. The fact that they literally migrated it straight out of that game is testament to how powerful this badboy is. I am gonna say get DoA Dimensions.
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User Info: max mercury

max mercury
6 years ago#7
I have both and DOA is the better game, in my opinion. Like the topic creator I liked SF but I'm not good at it. DOA is easier to play and the daily downloadable outfits make it even better.

User Info: dyl1000

6 years ago#8
Like you, I love SF but have never become very good at it (mainly due to time constraints in my case). I tried the 3DS version and it is very good but is still just as tricky when it comes to pulling of those tricky combos.
Also like you I had never tried a DoA game before. Having tried DoA; Dimensions I have to say that both games have their pro's and cons.

+ much more satisfying when you do manage a combo
+ characters are much more interesting
+ 3D works really well and looks great.
- It's still tricky for novices
- Not enough game modes

+ combos are easier to pull off
+ looks pretty good
+ more game modes
+ loads of stuff to unlock
- 3D isn't particularly great
- difficulty gradually climbs and then suddenly jumps quickly
- combos are not as satisfying
- soon gets stale (IMO)
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User Info: BlackPhoenix127

6 years ago#9
considering I'm not a street fighter fan, I have to go with DoAD. It has more modes, and I believe it's a more balanced fighting system overall. SF has always been about spamming hadoken and screen covering projectile attacks.

DOA also seems more complete considering it had ten different gaming modes with plenty of replay value.
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User Info: scrahfy

6 years ago#10
DOA all the way
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