Monster Hunter 3(DS)

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User Info: Kevinkdragon

7 years ago#1
I say they stop makin it for the psp and just make it for the 3DS....WHO'S WITH ME!?!

User Info: megamanV

7 years ago#2
MHTri/// Name: Gabriel / ID: 8GCH6V---PSN: MrMegaman99

User Info: Kevinkdragon

7 years ago#3
No one else here from the MHT borads? :(

User Info: KogaSteelfang

7 years ago#4
I haven't tried the monster hunter series yet. I really want to.
I was gonna get the PSP version, but chose LBP first. >.<
Then it released on Wii, I want that one now.
If it came to 3DS I'd likely pick up that version instead.
Supported by wings of faith, Wielding a sword of light.
I am a believer.

User Info: Kevinkdragon

7 years ago#5
The wii version is great! Especially online! :D

User Info: MRW1215

7 years ago#6
I loooooooooove MH, I've played over 100 hours of MHFU and nearing 60 hours of MHTri. I don't know if they'll be able to make it work, though, because the analog stick/ d-pad placement makes the "claw" impossible. Perhaps they can still find some way to rework the controls in a way that will be okay, but as it is now, I can't see it working out very well. :/

User Info: osboes

7 years ago#7
I would like it. Providing the controls are done well.

User Info: venuse

7 years ago#8
i would love to see that happen
playing red steel 2, if you want a good game on the wii buy this.

User Info: GiSS88

7 years ago#9
There is already a new MH planned for the PSP, but the more games the better IMO. I still have to get back into MH3, only got to like HR26 before I stopped playing...
360 Gamertag: NoJ1987 *Others in Quote*

User Info: Kevinkdragon

7 years ago#10
I need to get back too, to finish my last urgent =D

Haven't been able to beat aletreon, even after like 10 tries D=
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