I can't believe Righties are complaining about lefties

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  3. I can't believe Righties are complaining about lefties

User Info: 0060000

7 years ago#1
we know your jealous righties
Lightnings hotter than the sun _Final Fantasy XIII_ biggest Lightning Fan on this board

User Info: Timohtep

7 years ago#2
"Take about 5 dozen eggs, start puttin' 'em in a bowl, mix the **** out of 'em, and what do you get?"
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User Info: Jarinmack

7 years ago#3
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: CASAKI
MWR: M|Beasty. My gold guns: Uzi, Ak, M10, M60.

User Info: Infamously91

7 years ago#4
Brian: "Well Stewie, if you don't like it, go on the internet and complain"

User Info: NitemareNS

7 years ago#5
Jealous of your inability to determine when your or you're should be used?
Ur So fat

User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 years ago#6
This topic is discriminating against right lefties who have the rights and left the right hand left of the left one.
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User Info: K3wlness

7 years ago#7
Ya'll bettah stop all the segr'gation towards left-wing politics ya'll.

User Info: Blk_Mage_Ctype

7 years ago#8
I can't believe it's not butter!
I imagine Bethesda's Quality Testing Department a big, dusty room filled with cobwebs, and a chimp wearing a Fez banging on the keyboard of a single computer...

User Info: ohh42

7 years ago#9
I can't believe lefties are complaining about righties complaining about lefties.

Why is lefties just fine but righties is spell checked by Firefox?
You know Nintendo's a beast when Sony has a great conference and they poop on them with 2 games - NitemareNS
GT: Ragtag 21

User Info: Dragooncancer

7 years ago#10
We don't take kindly to folks who don't like lefties 'round here...
err human est
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  3. I can't believe Righties are complaining about lefties

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