ITT: Super Mario Galaxy on 3DS.

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User Info: Wetterdew

7 years ago#11
That game isn't very old at all...I wouldn't buy it when I can just play it with better controls on my Wii.

I would be surprised, and I doubt that 3DSes are strong enough to play Super Mario Galaxy.
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User Info: abigexplosion

7 years ago#12
Disappointed, since I'd rather have Sunshine.

This. I've rented and beaten Sunshine, and bought Galaxy. But I enjoyed Sunshine more. Mainly because the hub world was more fun.
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User Info: hellothar52341

7 years ago#13
I entered this topic expecting Super Mario Galaxy.

I did not receive Super Mario Galaxy.

I am disappoint.
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User Info: Fullgore EXE

Fullgore EXE
7 years ago#14
Would've preferred Super Mario World to be quite honest. <_<

User Info: ToastIsWoosh

7 years ago#15

From: sms52 | #009
Disappointed, since I'd rather have Sunshine.

You know how it is. That game was awesome. ^_^

User Info: grans

7 years ago#16
I'd actually take any of the 3D Mario games, but i'd actually rather have a new original 3D Mario for the system. 3D i'm referring to is the polygonal kind, where it's not a sidescroller. You know...

My reaction would be pleased, but then i'd wonder how they'd deal with starbits and pullstars, among all the other wiimote uses. The touch screen would be a bit unwieldy in terms of switching back and forth between it and the buttons. It's for that reason i believe it unlikely we'll get any port of the MG games. But perhaps they can make a third game, a sequel, on the 3DS. Call it Mario Galaxy 3D. :P
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User Info: _Trevor__

7 years ago#17
Sunshine would definitely be an awesome remake, I don't see why they made a sequel to Galaxy and not to it (not hating here either, Galaxy was great too)
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