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User Info: tYRE_602

8 years ago#41
From: knoterror | Posted: 6/16/2010 1:19:41 PM | #038
I haven't read most of the replies but the main thing that concerns me about the 3DS is the potential to usher in the death of 2D sprite-based gaming. I mean, now that we have all this horsepower on a Nintendo handheld coupled with stereoscopic effects that are arguably best taken advantage of with polygonal models (which are much easier to do than spriting), I feel like companies will be facing an easy decision which visual direction to go.

But who knows. I figured the same thing for the intial DS after seeing Mario 64 DS, and we still got some amazing 2D games.

Well, personally I hope that's the case. 2D sprite scrollers just need to end in my opinion. To me they don't immerse me or give me enjoyment as much as 3D games.
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User Info: Devil_Dan

8 years ago#42
The device itself looks pretty good, so I'd say software. But many companies have already signed on to produce 3DS games and they know that Nintendo handhelds sell like hotcakes.

User Info: Solatso

8 years ago#43
The only thing that worries me is that 4 months after it comes out the 3DSi (or some other thing) will come out making all the initial 3DS owners looking like a bunch of suckers. (and yes I'll most likely be in that boat as well)
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User Info: pakathecat

8 years ago#44
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: sackboypwnsall

8 years ago#45
Im concerned mostly about the price.
Im willing to pay $200 for the system, then two games (hopefully $45 dollars)
Anymore and Ill be really sad.... :(
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User Info: pakathecat

8 years ago#46
Gimmick games/shovelware I think would be my main one.

Whether or not I'll be able to see it properly (trouble with depth perception and seeing stuff with 3D glasses) & eye strain and headache issues-- though as mentioned, the 3D can be turned off so not too big a deal I guess.

User Info: Enigma149

8 years ago#47
Whether the 3D will actually be easily visible, or if I'll have to hold my head in an uncomfortable position whenever I play, not to mention be unable to use it on a plane, etc.

User Info: SragentThom

8 years ago#48

From: spooky_doom | #029
My biggest concern is bad internet. .

I think the extra processing power and RAM this won't be an issue.

User Info: Spizzy

8 years ago#49
I'm concerned about the number of ports that were announced for the system. I'm hoping ports don't account for half of the system's best games like on the GBA.

I'm also concerned that 2D gaming will finally take a back seat. The main reason I bought the original DS was because of the abundance of 2D games being made for it. It's completely different from what consoles are offering and I'm hoping developers don't try stuffing console experiences into handheld devices.

User Info: Corrupt_Serpent

8 years ago#50
My biggest concern/worry is if:
1:There is no SmashBros
2:Online will suck ass again
3:Graphics won't be GameCube Quality
That's it.
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