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  3. Did anyone ever figure out what the 3DS Code Name abbreviation CTR stands for?


9 years ago#1
79/80 so close

If you are unfamiliar with Nintendo Code Names, they generally are used in the Model Numbers for the systems.

Here are some examples:

System Retail Name ----------------------------- Code Name ------------------ Model No.
Nintendo Entertainment System ------------------ NES ------------------------- NES-101
Super Nintendo Entertainment System -------- SNES ------------------------ SNES-101
Nintendo 64 ------------------------------------ Nintendo Ultra 64 ---------------- NUS-001
Gamecube -------------------------------------------- Dolphin ----------------------- DOL-001
Wii ----------------------------------------------------- Revolution --------------------- RVL-001
Game Boy ---------------------------------------- Dot Matrix Game ----------------- DMG-01
Game Boy Pocket ------------------------------- Mini Gameboy ------------------- MGB-001
Game Boy Color ------------------------------- Color Game Boy ------------------ CGB-001
Game Boy Micro ------------------------------------- Oxygen ------------------------- OXY-001
Nintendo DS -------------------------------------------- Nitro -------------------------- NTR-001
Virtual Boy ---------------------------------- Virtual Utopia Experience ----------- VUE-001

The only systems that do not follow this pattern are:

System Retail Name ----------------------------- Code Name ------------------ Model No.
Game Boy Advance --------------------------------- Atlantis ----------------------- AGB-001
Game Boy Advance SP ------------------------- UNKNOWN -------------------- AGS-001
DS Lite ---------------------------------------------- UNKNOWN -------------------- USG-001

The first two can be easily assumed as AdvanceGameBoy and AdvanceGameboySpecial. However the meaning of the letters USG are still unknown.

The 3DS Model No. is CTR-001. As far as I know, the letters CTR are also still unknown.

Am I the only one interested by this?
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User Info: TotakaK

9 years ago#2
I have no idea, but I bet the WiiU is gonna be CFE-001.
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User Info: MasterEchu

9 years ago#3
CFE is probly a "cafe" reference
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User Info: GarlikBakery

9 years ago#4
Crash Team Racing? So, Sony and Nintendo are working together under the table to create an intense portable war to get the heat off mobile phone games, I see...
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User Info: lockheart47

9 years ago#5
USG = Underdog super gameboy, only thing i can think of. or maybe UnderScreenGameboy since there is a screen under the first one. i dont know i'm just really grabbing at nothing. CTR Centralized To Region cause of the dang region lock :(
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  3. Did anyone ever figure out what the 3DS Code Name abbreviation CTR stands for?
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