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User Info: avantgardo

3 months ago#1
For anyone who has managed to 100% the game back in the day, would you be able to provide your */A/B scores for each difficulty in each world so that I can use them as a reference point? Just getting around to finishing up my own 100% run and using these numbers would be a great help to know what scores I need to hit before replaying an episode

User Info: hisroyalbonkess

3 months ago#2
The game doesn't tell me scores for each rank, just my high score for each difficulty.

Destiny Islands
Beginner: 67,733
Standard: 60,589
Proud: 61,209
Critical: 60,766

Traverse Town
Beginner: 121,950
Standard: 92,650
Proud: 123,530
Critical: 111,610

Beginner: 66,520
Standard: 58,440
Proud: 56,460
Critical: 49,600

Olympus Coliseum Layer 5
Beginner: 50,990
Standard: 50,990
Proud: 49,990
Critical: 34,620

Olympus Coliseum Layer 15
Beginner: 108,940
Standard: 108,940
Proud: 108,940
Critical: 108,940

Olympus Coliseum Layer 30
Beginner: 242,150
Standard: 240,680
Proud: 242,150
Critical: 239,380

Beginner: 59,052
Standard: 60,207
Proud: 60,522
Critical: 60,248

Hollow Bastion 1
Beginner: 58,183
Standard: 58,111
Proud: 48,826
Critical: 56,889

Hollow Bastion 2A
Beginner: 96,365
Standard: 81,924
Proud: 100,146
Critical: 103,988

Hollow Bastion 2B
High score: 69,757

Castle Oblivion
High score: 29,914

I hope this helps!

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