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9 years ago#1
I'm unable to reply to the question posted, but hope this helps people.

Metal Fight Beyblade Portable: Chouzetsu Tensei Vulcan Horses differs from the DS games in the fact that there is no stylus used.

To launch:

STEP 1: Select an area where you want to your Beyblade to land by pressing circle.

STEP 2: Using your analog stick, wind left or right as fast as you can until the level meter on the left hand side is all the way to maximum.

STEP 3: Wait until you hear "Go Shoot!" and you will see rings forming to the center. You want to get your timing right to press the button when it turns purple.

To Play:

Using your analog button, the object is to smash the other Beyblades out of the ring or to the point they lose stamina.

Using the following buttons, you can accomplish certain attacks:

Circle - Attack (gives you a boost)
X - Stamina (gives you extra spin)
Square - Defense (puts up a shield)
Triangle - Defense Clash
L - Bottom Attack
R - Track Tenki

If you level up your Green Meter by not using L & R so much, you can activate a special attack by pressing L & R, but then you must enter the button codes to pull it off. (For Example: Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, Square).


You are starting off as Gingka Hagane and you start off at level 1 and you take on Kenta twice, Masamune twice and then other battles in the first stadium.

You will be using Galaxy Pegasus at first but the more you beat others, you get to use their parts and can customize it in battle.

For the most part, you can start off with Galaxy Pegasus for the majority of the battles, that is until you get into the 4-person battles as this will require some strategy on parts. For example, for Rock Aries...the opponent loves to smash the heck out of you. So, I used Benkei's Dark Bull wheel and track but kept Galaxy Pegasus bolt/clear wheel and tip.

Then once you beat this 4-person battle, you acquire Thermal Pisces, Cyber Pegasis, etc. And then you start competing in other stadiums, some that are deeper and require you to use stamina or balance. So, you need to customize another Beyblade with parts for battle in those stadiums.

Then you open up stages that require you to get from point A to point B, ala a race but these are tight areas. This is reminiscent to the old Beyblade GBA games.

Anyway, I enjoy the PSP game a lot and got it new for $19.99 on eBay pretty cheap with a Vulcan Horuseus Beyblade. It's definitely worth it! Over 40 characters to go against, 40 beyblades to customize from, etc.
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  3. Instructions to play (responding to last question)
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