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User Info: kuroi_shinigami

10 years ago#1
It seems there's a Mikoto route in this game

Here's for link that shows Mikoto route:


Any idea how to unlock it?

User Info: GigaSPX

10 years ago#2
My sig is here. Yup.

User Info: kuroi_shinigami

10 years ago#3
Ah, ic. so you have to have the railgun game save. I heard you can trick the game by creating a empty save folder with the same file name as the railgun game save folder though. Anyone already find the name of the railgun game save folder?

User Info: lord_phr0zen

10 years ago#4
I assume an empty folder should work too but what I did was copy-paste my Index save and rename the folder into "ULJS00354DATA00". Mikoto route should be unlocked the next time you play the game.

User Info: ChaosHero

10 years ago#5
@lord: Ah yes! THANK YOU!!! I've forgotten about finding out to trick the game to load the story route for a while and you just made my day! On my end it worked! ^_^

I'm going to start playing it now!
So much knowledge, so little time. Let's just play to our heart's contents and have fun!
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