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User Info: fuyumine

10 years ago#11
Touma is at least a B tier. I mean, his forward strong basically smashes through anyone who's using an esper/magic attack, and last time I checked, that included Accelerator's dashes and square attacks. Also: pairing up Touma with Last Order is ridiculously cheap.

And where's Sasha? She's a better spammer than Mugino would ever be, especially since it homes and she has a back triangle attack that drops a pillar of water on standing enemies at any range, not to mention she has pretty decent close combat attacks that link pretty well (square x2 -> back square -> forward square -> forward triangle). Pair her up with Misaka Imouto or Oriana, and you got yourself a very annoying spammer.
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User Info: drzero7

10 years ago#12
How's the assists? Which assist are good and which is crap? (I'm still waitinf for the game in the mail.)
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User Info: Ichipoo

10 years ago#13
Accel is proving to be a really good assist if you ask me, especially with Tsuchimikado.

Get cornered by a good Tsuchimikado/Accel player and you're basically asking to have up to half of your health taken away with easy to perform, wall smashing, meterless combos. (Had a bad day in Ad-Hoc Party lol)
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  3. My impressions of this game (potential spoilers)
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