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User Info: jediknight52501

6 years ago#1
on sale this week and i was thinking about getting it but i need some feedback first. worth it or not?
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User Info: smurfsn1p3r

6 years ago#2
Single player wise? Yes. This game felt like it was aimed at Single player, and multiplayer was an afterthought. Everything works great, but it can be a bit boring at times as there is not a lot of loot, and end game gear is not relevant like say a Diablo game.

Couch Co-op? Depends on other players preference in RPGS. But overall suggestions, and experiences say it is a learning curve to manage money. One of you will always make a sacrifice so the other person can buy the better gear. Teamwork is a must.

XBOX live? NO! Worse features in this game is the fact the host has full control over the game. Your friends will take the role of your companions, and can customize them to their liking, and leave you with a completely useless warrior. Really bad game design
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User Info: rush86

6 years ago#3
Almost any game is worth 5 bucks. But yea just got it because of the sale and im having fun
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