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User Info: PointlessMedic

7 years ago#1
**Original post**
I went to save last night before going to bed and all my saves were gone, the slots were all blank. When I made a new save it didn't seem like it was saving properly. Rather than taking a few seconds it saved almost instantly, went back to check, no saves.
It works perfectly fine when saving to a memory stick and to cloud storage.

I checked my hard drive and the saves ARE there.

Anyone else experienced this glitch/bug?


I am having this same issue. It tends to react randomly. Ive restarted over and over and at some point it ends up deleting every save I had. Getting irritating starting from the beginning over and over again.

I'll play for an hour or two and suddenly my save list is empty and it wont allow me to save again. I have recovered the data a few times by STILL saving and resetting the xbox, as though it saves but just wont show me. However with how many times it has happened and how many times I have gotten it to return my save data to me (most often not), in the end I have lost hundreds of hours of play time on this game due to this issue.

User Info: Sherushffxi

7 years ago#2
Strange nope the saves for us have never been deleted. Hubby and I finally got around to playing this game and enjoy it.
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  3. Game saves keep getting deleted.
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