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User Info: Midnighthobo89

8 years ago#1
i was thinking about getting this game for the wii at first, but i might pick it up for the DS. was wondering if anyone knew if it was the same as the wiis version or what are the differences (i've never played a game on the ds that was on the wii as well)
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User Info: MasterAshKetchem

8 years ago#2
They're completely different. Other than having the same story, characters and themes, the gameplay is as different as daylight and night.

Personally, I'd recommend the Wii version, but the DS version is very good as well. There isn't very much replayability in the DS version aside from "beat the times".
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User Info: 1337zombie

8 years ago#3
Well that and in the DS version there is an unlockable boss battle that is exclusive to the DS if you get all the chaos emeralds. When I finally got that battle i must say it was very fun and it brings back memories of the final battle in SA2. Im trying not to be too specific because of spoilers.

The better of the two is the Wii version if you are looking for a very re-playable game that is fast, fun, and very well balanced with speed and platforming and a good multiplayer mode. It looks great and the feature you unlock after getting all the red rings makes this a game to buy for any sonic fan.

Both games are amazing, but I would recommend the Wii version I think.
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