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User Info: ajvan01

8 years ago#1
So I've pretty much beaten all levels, but Asteroid Coaster is still darkened and can't be selected on the world map. How the heck do I unlock it?

User Info: DEEM0

8 years ago#2
Maybe you need to do the missions?
I can't confirm this, as I did all of the missions as soon as they were unlocked.

User Info: waddsworth

8 years ago#3
Did you beat all the bosses before that? I'm not shure but I'm pretty shure you need to. I think I had the Planet Wisp boss unbeaten but Aquarium Park open and I ended having to go back and beat the P.W. boss to open Astreoid Coaster.

But you don't need to do missions to unlock worlds. I only did them after I opened all the worlds.

User Info: btwvegeta

8 years ago#4
Yes,beating a boss should work.SHOULD work.

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User Info: skytraveler

8 years ago#5
Missions definitely aren't the issue. I don't know why someone would expect that area to be unlocked before the prior acts were all completed though.
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