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User Info: Wangtang001

8 years ago#1
I liked the first PJS a lot but I really disliked this at first. The difficulty made the game frustrating. I gave up at the end of world 1. I came back a few weeks later and liked it about as much as the first one, probably because there was no hungry suit in the last two worlds and I got used to the difficulty since I stopped speeding around everywhere like in the first game.
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User Info: spankymcfister

7 years ago#2
In regards to the "Hungry suit", I liked it much better the FIRST time I played it....., when it was called "DIG DUG".
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User Info: mxyzptlk999

7 years ago#3
I loved the first game. It was easy, sure - I beat it in an evening and the next morning - but then went back and got 100% completion over a weekend. Then I went back and played more to get better times and climb the leaderboards. Even hit the top 300 in some stages.

This game... is cheap as hell. Most of the time when I get killed, it's not even due to a skill challenge, but just falling victim to booby traps all over the place. Bucking walls, item dispensers that throw lava at me, and other "learn by dying" BS. Other times, like with purple smoke or growing green mass, it murders my RSIs because I have to shoot 999,999 times a minute just to traverse a little area, only to have it regenerate. Even with all the brutal cheap kills, it still takes 15-40 min to clear a stage! I've shut off the system partway through so many times I don't know if I should even try coming back to it. Trying to slog through the stages is a miserable chore. Also, I can beat more levels in Ikaruga than I can in PJS2 and that's just messed up. It's like the Super Mario Bros 2 Jp of PSN... but closer to I Wanna Be The Guy. I was hoping it'd be a bit tougher than the first game, but the whole chill experience I got into with Eden and Shooter 1 is blown to bits.

Ah well, back to 1cc'ing Touhou games... That's a piece of cake in contrast to this.

User Info: simboes

7 years ago#4

Absolutely loved the first game, but got very tiresome by the end lol.

Hoped that this game would give me the same feeling, but quickly became boring, feel like i'm getting through to the end just for the hell of it rather than wanting to. LOL. FAIL.

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  3. What do you think of this game?
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