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  3. Does Free Battle Even Work?

User Info: AirGear_Z

8 years ago#1
Hey everyone,

I'm tired of being D/C like 10 times before I can even finish a match.
How does free battle work?

I go into it.... I filter to "ALL" and I still get nothing. :/
Am I doing something Wrong? I know even on DAY 1 I trried and nothing is the mode broken??

Id rather play with people here, at least will finish games and earn point for the cool weapons.

I'm still beginner and I dont mind losing as long as we get points at end, I'll prolly end up learning a few things too.

I enjoy it but seriously some of the weapons need balancing
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User Info: nerevarine32

8 years ago#2
It does work, but a lot of people have connection issues. It's ping-based too, so if you have a bad connection you're not likely to find many people to play with.

Once you unlock more items it won't feel unbalanced. You can use the same items as the other guy, or pick items that will neutralize or counteract theirs. There's nothing excessively cheap that you can't avoid with skill and practice. Until you can afford more items, though, it will indeed be difficult to match up against higher-level players.

User Info: SUPERnesMAN

8 years ago#3
Well, there is no balance. Since all the power-ups don't have both pro and cons. They only improve your gameplay. But, you can still make it a long way with only bare minimum. I'm almost to Earth with only using the Reverse Controls and Proximity Mines. I've also managed to get a Draw game twice with the #2 ranked player on the board.
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  3. Does Free Battle Even Work?
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