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User Info: MrBeens

8 years ago#1
Hmmm. I guess we didn't have to worry about eliminating the parasites that were hurting that giant worm after all....

User Info: jamesonkassn

8 years ago#2
Is road to dawn even possible to finish? i cant do it
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User Info: MrBeens

8 years ago#3
Yes there is an end. I kept getting to the volcanoes and dying. One tip there is when you get there, stop shooting. It just pushes the lava around, making it much harder.

After you pass the volcanoes, you're at the last sequence. You will have one cheap death here and then make it the next time.

User Info: Dazerian

8 years ago#4

C'mon, Road to Dawn isn't that hard. Anyway i'm sad after watching outtro. I feel sorry for worm and planet. Will there ever be a PJS3?

User Info: SUPERnesMAN

8 years ago#5
I hope there's another PJS. Just on a different planet with new fluids, suits, etc..... And some online coop would be nice too.
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