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  3. Difficulty ramped up much?

User Info: Dread_nought

8 years ago#11
Honestly I enjoyed the first one a lot more, the difficulty in 2 is a bit over the top at times.
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User Info: tsalbeci

8 years ago#12
It's more difficult than the first game. But it's still a pretty easy game.

User Info: Acquire

8 years ago#13
The difficulty is just annoying. It's one of the reasons I've only picked it up to play three times since I bought it and don't really care for it anymore. The first game actually made the levels fun to play.
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User Info: LunarRoar

8 years ago#14
I think its a tougher game as well, but I'm enjoying every bit. That said, imo it makes sense since the games are two halves of a whole.
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  3. Difficulty ramped up much?
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