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  3. Difficulty ramped up much?

User Info: KaspaUFgator

8 years ago#1
For anyone who is playing this... do you feel this is much harder than the first one? Not because the amount of enemies but the projectiles they shoot are everywhere.. basically just spammed lol. Anyone else agree?
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User Info: TheBWS

8 years ago#2
It won't show up on the store for me, so I don't know.

User Info: willzor27

8 years ago#3
i cant find it on the store either :(
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User Info: aerials47

8 years ago#4
ya even the first couple levels are a bit harder. oh well, the first one was a little easy.
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User Info: Trickery1688

8 years ago#5
Loving the challenge, it's less flying safely from hazard to hazard, and more hazards all around you all the time.

The first game was challenging enough to be entertaining, but deffinetly not anything I'd consider too difficult. This game seems like it will be a bit more frustrating, but thats the fun of it. Old-school rules: Die, remember, die, remember, die, remember, succeed!

User Info: feitclub

8 years ago#6
It's harder than the first game for sure, although I suppose it's not as hard as Monsters was in the later stages.
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User Info: DrGonzo615

8 years ago#7
I never played the first one, but theres been a few rooms where I just want to spike the controller..

I'll have all my guys and be on my way to the exit when, "DAMN! that guy wasnt there before!" followed by a restart
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User Info: nostalghia99

8 years ago#8

I find this game ridiculously difficult and got flustered early on even in the first3stages.

User Info: bl_Zebub

8 years ago#9
I think so too lol! Its been along time since I played a game that made feel like throwing my controller! I havent even gotten to the first boss yet lol!

User Info: yearisyesterday

8 years ago#10
In terms of surviving the level, it feels as though it's gotten much harder...much more reflexes involved vs puzzle elements. In terms of finding gems and survivors, it's about the same. At times it's a bit much for me, but I look at it as continuing straight from the last level of the first game (so the difficulty curve isn't reset).
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