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  3. Exactly how many glitches are there?
carzydude21 11 years ago#1
I'm now somewhat concerned about this, I don't have the game yet (Probably getting it tomorrow in the mail) but gamebreaking glitches that a majority of players are experiencing? Not COOL UBISOFT NOT ****ING COOL. Ahh if only game companies took as much pride in their work as the used to.
solosnake 11 years ago#2
Seems to me the glitches arent as common as say new vegas, but when they happen, they tend to be more problematic than new vegas as well, which is unfortunate. It is a great game though, and will probably be patched soon.
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wikkiddavis 11 years ago#3
I heard of Two Like one that realy pisses me off is the Trophy Glitch and something about going underground is a game breaking glitch!
Kibafool 11 years ago#4
I haven't had any problems so far. Though, I've only played it for about 3 hours maybe.
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5j3553 11 years ago#5

2-3 hours into the game for me.

couple of glitches. not gamebreaking. occasional lag, sound hiccups, etc. screen tearing and texture pop-ins are less noticeable now. i did have the game freeze for a couple seconds at one point but then it unfroze(whew).

jay2kma 11 years ago#6

Played for about 5 hours so far and had one crash. But not gamebreaking. Fable 3 still holds the gamebreaking glitches of the year award! That game was impossible to play through co-op. My buddy and I tried and failed 3 time due to gamebreaking stupid glitches. We finally gave up. These game companies need better/more beta testers and I'd be happy to volunteer! As I'm sure lots of other gamers would.

sanjose12 11 years ago#7

is anyone else having a problem with saving? when i go to the main menu my save file is there, but if i exit the game completly and go back in its no longer there and im forced to restart.

XxDunexX 11 years ago#8
I'm not running into any problems. I played all day yesterday and didn't have anything game breaking or anything bad for that matter.
CompetitiveEdge 11 years ago#9
I fell into one of the "cracks" of Roma and began swimming under the city within the first 10 minutes, but there haven't been any other major flaws/glitches past that point. Seems to be a decent number of minor glitches that, while annoying at times, aren't too bothersome.
XxDunexX 11 years ago#10
Yeah, there might be some minor things but it's not like they're devastating. A weird one that just happened though was I jumped off a building and pulled out an invisible parachute (I think) when I don't have them unlocked or anything. I just glided in the air with nothing. Was pretty funny looking.
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