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User Info: A-E-Byzantian

3 years ago#1
And so, my time here has reached its end. Started this back at the end of March, played it daily for four months, and reached an acceptable stopping point today. An excellent game indeed. It definitely had flaws (crappy jump physics, endless cheap deaths, and lack of full PS3 support), but I came out with a number of treasures (The Vex, a big gun collection, and a new story world). I got 33/61 Trophies (without setting foot in the Crucible), which is fine with me.

That thus concludes my time in Destiny. It was a grand journey.
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User Info: darkoj

3 years ago#2
RufusWolfe posted...
crappy jump physics, endless cheap deaths, and lack of full PS3 support)

Cheap deaths? There are a few unexplained and/or questionable deaths, sure, but to mention them as defining flaws, I can't agree with.

Legacy console status? Yeah, I was disappointed and frustrated with Bungie about this decision, but I had a good run during The Taken King and certainly got my money's worth. Full support Destiny was a true treat.

Crappy jump physics? Whew! You're, uh... speaking blashpemy here. I am completely enamored by Destiny's rich physics engine and the acrobatic jumping it affords. Whether I'm flying over Cabal, evading Vex, or out juking Guardians in the Crucible, I savor each individual leap for it's lofty, articulate, precise, effectual, and manageable physics.

It's not just the jumping either; the well defined, consistent, and predictable physics apply equally to all player movement and in conjunction with player abilities too. Landing grenades at enemies across the map, throwing knives with precision at mid range straffing engagements, and destroying opponents in motion with well calculated supers all highlight the triumph of Destiny's physics engine. I love the physics so much that I spend my Patrols jumping to and fro around enemies landing gunshots, grenades, melees, and supers from the air.
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