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User Info: xGenocidest

5 years ago#1
[ Skull Modifiers ]

Arc/Solar/Void Burn Damage from ___ element is greatly increased from any source
Anger Issues Enemies are more aggressive
Lightswitch Enemies do more melee dmg
Juggler No ammo drops for equipped weapon
Angry Enemies wont flinch, even after massive damage
Nightfall If everyone dies you are returned to orbit
Heroic Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive
Epic Heavily Shielded, Aggresive enemies appear in greater numbers

[ Enemy Dmg Types // Shields ]

Dregs Arc Dmg, Solar Variant
Shanks Arc Dmg // Solar Shield
Vandals Arc Dmg, Solar Variant
Captains Solar, Arc Variant // Arc Shield
Servitor Void Dmg
Skiffs Arc Dmg
Walker Solar Cannon, Arc Dmg
*Almost all Fallen attacks including melee are Arc Damage. The Solar Variants all use Shrapnel Launchers.

Thrall, Cursed Thrall Arc Dmg
Acolyte Void Dmg, Arc Variant
Knights Arc Dmg, Kinetic Variant, Void Variant // Arc Shield
Wizards Arc Dmg, Kinetic Poison Cloud // Solar Shield
Ogre Void Dmg, Kinetic Melee
Shrieker, Tomb Ship Void Dmg
* Arc Variants all use Hive Boomers. Thrall's melee are Arc Dmg. Knights w/ Swords are Kinetic.

Goblins Solar Dmg, Void Variant
Hobgoblins Solar Dmg, Void Melee, Void Grenades
Harpies Solar Dmg // Arc Shields
Hydra Void Dmg, Solar Explosion
Minotaurs Void Dmg, Solar Variant // Void Shields
* Void Variants use the Minotaurs explosive weapon. Solar Variants uses basic Goblin Weapon. Minotaur does kinetic melee.

*Everything does Solar Dmg, except for Psion's Psi Attack, which is Arc.
Psions // Void Shield
Centurion // Solar Shield

[ Crucible Scoring ]

(All Modes)
Kill +100
Assist +50
Crossfire +25, Assists in FFA
Support +15, ally buffed with your Radiance/Ward gets a kill
First Place Kill +50, kill the top scoring Player
Headshot +10
Melee +10
Grenade/Throwing Knife +10
Heavy Weapon +15
Super Kill +25
5, 10, 15 Killstreak +25, 50, 100
Turret +25
Vehicle +25
Interceptor Destroyed +75
Pike Destroyed +50
Sparrow Destroyed +5
Turret Destroyed +50
Self-Revive +25

Zone Neutralized +25
Zone Control x1, 2, 3 +50, 100, 200
Zone Captured +75
Zone Assault +25
Zone Defense +25

Revive +50
Relic Assault +25
Relic Defense +25
*Relic Deployed Capture a Salvage Zone, +100
*Relic Neutralized +150
*Relic Salvaged +200
*Applies to all team members

User Info: xGenocidest

5 years ago#2
[ Weapon Range ]

Outside of your guns maximum range, the damage starts to drop off up to 50%. Range also decreases the "bloom", or shot pattern when hip firing or briefly in ADS.

[ Explosions ]

Almost all explosives have damage drop off at the edge of their range

[ Precision Multipliers ]

Baseline 1.5x
Auto Rifles 1.25x
Fusion Rifles None
Shotguns 1.25x
Sniper Rifles 2.5x

[ Flinch Multipliers ]

Auto Rifle 1x
Pulse Rifle 1x
Scout Rifle 1.5x
Handcannon 1.75x
Shotgun 1x
Fusion Rifle 1x
Sniper Rifles 2x
Machineguns 2x
Rocket Launcher 2x

[ Grenades ]

(Titan, Striker)
Flashbang 140, 7m. Blinds opponents, disorients AI
Pulse 200 (50x4), 5m. Aftershock adds another pulse for 250. No damage drop-off
Lightning 400 (100x4), 12m. Aftershock adds another pulse for 500 total. No damage drop-off

(Titan, Defender)
Magnetic 180 (245), 5m. First pulse does 100, then 80. Adds 65 if it sticks to target.
Spike 400, 12m. 100 DPS for 4 seconds. No damage drop-off
Suppressor 140, 7m. Disables opponents abilities & Super for 10 Seconds. Disables all AI abilities. Does not affect Ultra's.

(Hunter, Gunslinger)
Incendiary 115 (140), 7m. 115 Dmg + 25DoT (5 ticks of 5 dmg for 5 seconds)
Swarm Grenade 189. Each hit deals 7 dmg, hits twice, then detonates for another 7
Tripmine 160 (225), 12m. Does 65 extra dmg if it sticks to target. Has damage drop-off

(Hunter, Blade dancer)
Flux 100 (165) 5m. Does 65 extra if it sticks
Skip 120. x4 Seekers that hit twice for 7.5, then detonates for another 7
Arcbolt 80, 8m. Hits up to 3 targets, can chain to other enemies

(Warlock, Voidwalker
Vortex 350, 4m. 100 Dps for 3.5 seconds. No damage dropoff. Vortex Mastery increases duration to 6 seconds for 600 total.
Scatter 120-160, 9m.
Axion 90, 10m. Hits up to 2 enemies

(Warlock, Sunsinger)
Solar 350, 4m. 100 dps for 3.5 seconds. No drop off.
Firebolt 80, 8m. Hits up to four enemies.
Fusion 100 (165), 5m. Does 65 extra if it sticks.

User Info: xGenocidest

5 years ago#3
[ Reload Cancelling ]
As soon as you see the ammo counter increase, hear the reload sound, or when they load the magazine, you can cancel the rest of the animation by sprinting, switching weapons twice, meleeing, or throwing a grenade.

Some weapons require different timing, but it can cut reload time by a lot.

[ Default Zoom Levels ]

Auto Rifle1.5x
Handcannon 1.7x
Pulse Rifle1.7x
Scout Rifle 2x
Fusion Rifle 1.5x
Shotgun 1.2x
Sniper Rifle 4x
Machine Gun 1.5x
Rocket Launcher 2x

[ Class Melee Damage ]

Basic Melee, All Classes 100, 4m
Striker / Stormfist 110, 4m
Defender / Disintegrate 110, 4m
Gunslinger / Throwing Knife 100, 130 Precision
Bladedancer / Blinkstrike 100, 5.8m
Voidwalker / Energy Drain 110, 6m
Sunsinger / Scorch 100+25 DoT, 6m

[ Armor Mods ]

Bonus melee energy on Grenade hit 3% Melee on hit. 6 second cooldown
Reduced Melee recovery time Recover from melee 25% faster
Lets you melee again faster. Does not help gun ready time
Bonus grenade energy on melee Adds 6% grenade energy for every melee hit.
Health regen on Orb pickup Immediate 10 Health boost, allows health to regen for 1.5 seconds even when taking damage
Grenade energy on Orb Pickup 6% Grenade energy for each orb
Bonus melee on Orb pickup 6% Melee energy for each orb
Gain super energy from killing enemies 5% more energy ontop of what you would normally get.
Does not work in PVP
Super energy from Grenade kills 7% more energy for grenade kills, ontop of what you would get normally
Faster Reload Speed +10 Reload

[ Barrel Mods ]

Smooth Ballistics -5 Range, 10 Stability
Soft Ballistics -5% Dmg, 10 Stability
Accurized Ballistics 5% Dmg, 10 Range, -10 Stability
Field Choke 5% Dmg, 12 Range, -15 Stability
CQB Ballistics -10 Range, 15 Stability
Linear Compensator 5% Dmg, 5 Range, -10 Stability
Smart Drift Control -15 Range, 20 Stability
Aggressive Ballistics 10% Dmg, -5 Range, -5 Stability

User Info: xGenocidest

5 years ago#4
| Weapon Mods |

Accelerated Coils +50 Charge Time
Improving Charge Time reduces damage per blast, but increases overall DPS
Cascade 150% Reload Speed after Melee
Clown Cartridge Every reload has a 25% chance of a 20% magazine bonus
Cluster Bomb x4 Bombs, over 2m
Counterbalance Stabilizes Recoil by 9%
Crowd Control 15% Dmg Bonus for 3 seconds after a kill
Custom Optics +0.5x zoom
Enhanced Battery +100 Magazine (Max magazine size, not 100 Rounds), -30 Reload
Explosive Rounds 2m Explosion on Impact. Dmg drops at edge of explosion.
Extended Mag +30 Magazine
Field Scout +100 Magazine, +80 Inv Ammo
Inv ammo is the total amount you can hold
Firefly Precision kills cause Solar explosions. 50 Dmg over 5m
Fitted Stock +25 Stability
Flared Magwell +100 Reload, -10 Stability
Hip Fire Decreases weapon bloom by 33%
Weapon "bloom" is the spread of your bullets when hipfiring. Higher range weapons starts with a smaller bloom.
Glass Half Full Damage scales to 6% for the bottom half of the magazine.
Grenades and Horseshoes Proximity rockets that trigger within 2m of an enemy.
Grenadier Kills add 10% to grenade energy
Hammer Forged +40 Range, -10 Reload
Hand Loaded +20 Range
Headseeker 3rd hit on a Precision burst-fire shot adds 25% dmg.
Heavy Payload +40 Blast Radius, -10 Velocity
Final Round Last shot is guaranteed to do 33% more.
Javelin +40 velocity, -10 Stability
Unflinching 33% Reduction in flinch
Feeding Frenzy
Boost reload speed to 120% of the base after a kill.
Life Support Restores 50% of magazine and 120% Reload Speed after you kill an enemy while your under 20% Life.
Luck in the Chamber 33% Bonus to dmg to a random round.
Mulligan 5% Chance to add a missed shot into the magazine
Perfect Balance +35 Stability, -20 Range
Performance Boost 25% Chance to add bonus ammo on a kill.
6 for Pusle Rifles, 3 for Scouts, 2 for Handcannons, 5 for Fusion Rifles, 3 for Machineguns, 1 for Shotguns & Snipers.
Private Eye 50% Bonus zoom when crouched
Quick Draw +100 Handling, +10% Ready, +10% Away
Rangefinder 10% Bonus to Range, 20% to damage falloff distance.
You'll do normal damage 20% farther than normal before it falls off to 50%
Reactive Reload Reloading after a kill grants 33% Bonus Dmg for 3 Seconds
Return to Sender 25% Chance to add a round to your inventory ammo on a kill.
Send it +50 Range, -30 Magazine and Inventory
Single Point Sling +50% Ready and Away, 10% Movement Speed.
Ready = Time it takes you to use the gun after meleeing or sprinting.
Away = Time it takes you to switch weapons.

Snapshot +30% ADS Speed
Speed Reload +50 Reload
Spray and Pray 50% faster base reload speed after the magazine is empty
Persistence Accuracy scales as you shoot up to 20%
Take a Knee Doubles Accuracy when crouched
Who's Next 150% faster reload after a kill
Zen Moment Stability increases as you fire, scaling up to 66% after 5 hits.

User Info: RB___OG

5 years ago#5
Sticky requested, good info thanks.
Guns for show, Knives for a pro

User Info: jsraydag

5 years ago#6
Great stuff man thx
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User Info: _Deadeye_CM_

5 years ago#7
How dare you post real numbers to make the game more easily understandable! I hate you!

Edit: I went to request a sticky, but it was already stickied, so I might have accidentally requested an unsticky.... So my bad.
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(edited 5 years ago)

User Info: ZeroGee1

5 years ago#8
THANK YOU for this, I did wonder what those ment. I had always thought it was something to do with rewards for compleation

User Info: Thatonesmartguy

5 years ago#9
I'll contribute with the supposed light level damage reduction, as posted on reddit.

you can only do damage to mobs that are no higher than 3 lvls above you and you take a penalty in damage for it (that's why you can't even choose a lvl 28 mission if you're lower than lvl 25, you wouldn't do any damage)

4 lvl or lower below mob: 100% damage penalty
3 lvl below mob: ~52% damage penalty
2 lvl below mob: ~42% damage penalty (guesstimate since I didn't have the gear to put me to lvl 22)
1 lvl below mob: ~32% damage penalty
0 lvl below or higher than mob: 0% damage penalty

your light levels affect BOTH your damage output and how much damage you take only UP TO the level of the mobs (i.e. if you're lvl 28, you'll do the same damage and take the same amount of damage from lvl 20 mobs as you would from lvl 24 mobs, there is ZERO difference)
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(edited 5 years ago)

User Info: The Devourer

The Devourer
5 years ago#10
This seems to be missing high caliber rounds. Any notable change involving them or did it get overlooked?
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