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User Info: branbear_23

10 years ago#1
Please Bungie dont go to PS3!

User Info: DemonHunter26

10 years ago#2
mwuahahaha Halo 4 is coming to PS3!!
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User Info: nikeforces

10 years ago#3

From: DemonHunter26 | #002
mwuahahaha Halo 4 is coming to PS3!!

Screw that "all for one" crap, alright? I gotta deal with being a minority in a minority of the minority, and nobody's supportin' me!

User Info: BlOoDyDeAtH360

10 years ago#4

branbear_23 posted...
Please Bungie dont go to PS3!

they will. only ignorant people would think otherwise.

User Info: CommanderSteran

10 years ago#5
Bungie will be making COD5 I bet.Modern Warfare 3 with the Covenant as the enemy."Price,grab the laser gun!"
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User Info: JustThrowMoney

10 years ago#6

I think it's probably going to be a Marathon title. If Bungie wants to play the "multi-platform title" game smart, then they'll do what they're known best for: An FPS.

Also, I had no idea that this game was coming to the PS3. I now have more incentive to sell my 360.
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