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User Info: stripywitch

10 years ago#1
Do you think they'll release this in English? They haven't done it for any of the other releases, so the chances are slim. But what about a fan translation, is that even possible on the PSP?

User Info: Yukari_DeviL

10 years ago#2

This game is a visual novel right.. so i guess its impossible for a offical release in the US or EURO. But theres always a possiblity that a fan 'english transition patch', which will probly require alot of work to get... But still the chances are very slim... i guess if game becomes majorly popular in japan that will slyten the chances up...

User Info: ese_rhpsd

10 years ago#3
well, the tlwiki is working on the 360 version, so i think we can hope for them to get a patch for the psp version^_^

User Info: CW Boi 209

CW Boi 209
10 years ago#4
I wouldn't say that it's impossible just because it's a visual novel, but the chances of it being released outside Japan are very slim nonetheless. One of the main reasons why a majority of visual novels never made it outside of Japan is because a majority of them are eroge. I mean, Phoenix Wright and Hotel Dusk were both released over here and the PC version of Higurashi is available in English; none of which has any H content.
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User Info: sarris98

10 years ago#5

^True,even if this game doesn't have any H-content[neither did the original].Yet it is fairly impossible to come here.And although 5bp has released Visual novels with H content for the PSP none have made it outside Japan.And this is made by Nitro+...prepare fo an epic mind-f**k.It is very good though.


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