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  3. Origins account vs EA account ?

User Info: gameduck2

9 years ago#1
What is the difference ?

User Info: topgamer101

9 years ago#2
There isn't, as far as I'm aware. If you have an EA account, you have an Origin account.
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User Info: sledgebomber

9 years ago#3
Ask far as I know Bioware, EA, and Origin accounts are all connected.

If you have one you have all three.
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User Info: jinyuken

9 years ago#4

Yeah, you can sign into Origin with your EA account. I believe they're trying to convert all peoples' EA accounts into Origin accounts though in the near future, though.

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User Info: lightpeak

9 years ago#6
It;s basically interchangeable, iy was previously known as EA master account though word as it seems EA plans to rebrand lots of thing under the Origin name. Wouldn't be surprised considering how they want Origin to be the next Steam.

User Info: thrice00

9 years ago#7

What place to download digital version apart from ORIGIN? Will It still use origin? (I want it on Steam!!!! fRE/&$&/* sH94)

User Info: giocare

9 years ago#8
I don't think they're the same thing, because if I log in with my EA account it shows that I own Bad Company 2 (which I bought off Steam) but it doesn't show in my Origin account.
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  3. Origins account vs EA account ?
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