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User Info: sparker781

8 years ago#1
Any chance they'd be making a sequel to this game? I played the hell out of it and beat it finally and want more, considering at the end of the game it said (To Be Continued)

User Info: You_Need_A_Life

8 years ago#2
There is word of a new Bond gaming coming, but it's unknown if it's a sequel to this, a movie tie-in for the next film, or another original game.

The studio that made this game was closed, so chances are that it won't be getting a sequel.

User Info: TPulla02

8 years ago#3
I'm right there with you. It's a shame Activision didn't advertise Blood Stone more. I would have never known it was even in development if I hadn't been browsing through GameFAQs' PS3 release schedule and saw it slated for November 2nd last year. Extremely underrated and criminally ignored game. I'd love a sequel.
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  2. James Bond 007: Blood Stone
  3. Sequel (Possible Spoiler)
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