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  3. An unexepected Crossover, let me know if you get it

User Info: ExplorerClass

8 months ago#1

if you don’t get it..

its crossing over with Mass Effect. Chrom is the commander of the shepherds, the man you see is Commander Shepard.

he is the main character, and like Chrom a very strong, noble, and powerful leader. He and Chrom also blossom in tragedy and have to grow to lead an entire ‘people’ (Chrom it’s a continent, Shepard it’s a galaxy, but who is comparing)

but I chose to use inigo so I could do a ‘my father...’ line because if you don’t know:

Male Shepard has gotten a lot more fan personality than Femshep due to the actor, who actually dresses as and speaks as Commander Shepard, even reading community memes as him. So some lines like ‘we’ll bang okay’ exist.
So now Shepard is a strong leader like Chrom, a goofball and dork like Chrom, and in top of that a playboy like Inigo.

anyway, I commissioned with Mirsubfazlani, and in very pleased with it.

if you like this, please either look into Fire Emblem , Look at Mirsubfazlani’s work, or Vote Chrom CYL5 this is starting in 1-2 weeks but ill Share the link in this thread then. It means a lot to me!

User Info: Carribean_Cool

8 months ago#2
But mating with an Asari always results in Asari babies being born.

User Info: ExplorerClass

8 months ago#3
man’s inigo is like 16 while Shepard is 33ish.

this isn’t Shepard at his most noble or logical; He’s also based on the gamerpoop a**hole Shepard we see meme’d in the fandom

Shepard being a jerk is the only way to get away with using Male Shepard anyway,

User Info: HentaiMan

2 months ago#4


2 months ago#5
I thought it was a joke that you can leave Liara to rot until the end of ME 1.

Like, shepherd remembers he's supposed to save her lol
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User Info: ExplorerClass

2 months ago#6
Haha that’s a good punchline too.

User Info: Skeletorboneman

2 months ago#7
Ew Fire Emblem

User Info: Sarcasthma

2 months ago#8
I don't get it.
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User Info: ExplorerClass

2 months ago#9
I’m glad this got new life at least!

Sarcasthma posted...
I don't get it.
Chrom is the main character of fire emblem awakening.
he is the Commander of the Shepherds (a personal militia)
a potential son of his is Inigo, the guy listed here.

when he said “my father is the commander of the Shepard’s”
this Shepard (based on the scummy Shepard memes) thought the kids blue hair came from Liara, so he wanted to gtfo.

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  3. An unexepected Crossover, let me know if you get it
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