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User Info: snake12345678

5 months ago#1
Just got xbox one and started me had on ps3 is the mp dead in 2020

User Info: CMDan

5 months ago#2
I'm not sure what you said. The Xbox server is dead or the PS3 server is dead? I own ME3 on PS3 and I used to play the MP all the time. I heard rumblings that the ME3 MP is still going, all thanks to the lack luster that Andromeda brought. Just goes to show, if it aint broke..

User Info: snake12345678

5 months ago#3
Is mp still active on the 360

User Info: SubwooferKing

5 months ago#4
Yes, I’m on Xbox one but everytime I play I just start a server on fire base white gold and people join me a few rounds in.
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User Info: snake12345678

5 months ago#5
I am lvl 5 cant go near gold

User Info: HentaiMan

1 month ago#6
indeed rip. just play a better game if you seek mp modes. for coop, warframe comes to mind.
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User Info: SubwooferKing

1 month ago#7
I suppose anyone that’s actually playing still is gonna be higher level, but I see people on my friends list all the time in mp still
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User Info: Skitzocrayon

1 month ago#8
within the past few months i have been able to get a MP match on PC only. sometimes it takes a while.
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User Info: jjddaass

1 month ago#9
So far from dead. I play nightly and almost always get into a game right away.
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