What's your idea the next Mass Effect?

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User Info: silver_wolf80

4 months ago#1
Me personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Andromeda 2 with Bioware's A team behind it. If they want to go back to the milky way, I'd love to see a reaper origin story...or maybe tie it into Andromeda. The reaper creator's originally came from Andromeda, the citadel is the original craft they came here in turned space station. Just a thought anyways :)

Does anyone else have any ideas they'd like to share?

Edit- I just realized I screwed up the topic title, sorry.

User Info: Antares

4 months ago#2
IMO Andromeda was to soon of a storyline. They should have stayed in the Milky Way galaxy and had it about 20 years after ME3. This would have gave us closure with our ME character while allowing the raise of the next group of heroes.

What happened to Cerberus? What are the Krogans up to? Lawlessness would have to be running wild. And finally what about the leviathans?

User Info: Foreman22

4 months ago#3
Yes so much more left to explore in the Milky Way. Going to Andromeda was a big mistake with such dull lifeless characters.
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User Info: Yandizbar

4 months ago#4
Well, last time I wanted to explore other galaxies.....

But yes citadel space is less than 1% of the Milky Way. Give us moar of what we loved, but throw in several new races. A greatest hits album with new classic songs.
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User Info: Carribean_Cool

4 months ago#5
Should've been a reboot
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