IS the multiplayer still alive?

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  3. IS the multiplayer still alive?

User Info: Residentevilm

3 months ago#1
Just wondering Cause I got the itch to play some and cause of andromeda the community might split for what’s left of it
I play Resident evil 0,remake,2,3,CV and outbreak 1&2 my FC: 4983 4967 2912 safari: pancham meditite and breloom

User Info: ikillu271

3 months ago#2
Hi there, I never have an issue finding a match. So as far as I know it's alive and kicking.

User Info: Foreman22

3 months ago#3
It’s very much alive. Much better than Andromeda’s MP IMO.
All lives matter. Except terrorist.

User Info: HentaiMan

3 months ago#4
Nintendo fanboy, KirbyCentrist. Poyo peace to the world :)

User Info: trapgod_revan

3 months ago#5
Surprisingl, yes. Good games die hard. Or should it be "it's hard to keep a good game down?"

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  3. IS the multiplayer still alive?

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