Question about buying the DLC

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User Info: KingKilvas

5 months ago#1
So I haven't played the Mass Effect trilogy yet and I plan on starting as soon as I can this month. I had been on hiatus from playing video games for a few years because of school, which is why I have not gotten around to playing the trilogy until now. I saw that this week, the DLC for Mass Effect 3 is on sale on the Xbox marketplace. My question is, can I buy the DLC and not have it download immediately to my Xbox? I haven't played ME3 yet, so I don't have it on my Xbox hard drive. Can I take advantage of this sale now and buy the DLC, without downloading it, or do I need to have ME3 on my hard drive in order to buy the DLC?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but almost all of the DLC I have has come on a disc. For example I just beat Bioshock Infinite this month. I have the complete edition which has all of the DLC on a second disc, so I never had to go to the Xbox marketplace to get it. So I apologize for this inexperience.
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User Info: SirEsquireIII

5 months ago#2
Yeah you can buy it and not download it right away. Let it start then just cancel it and you'll be able to re-download it when you're ready to play it.
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