If i have to recreating character started from me3

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User Info: mavrick_19

6 months ago#1
If i have to recreating my character from me1 through me2 can i use the can i use a me3 face code.
Cause i use the mass effect 3 to 1 code thing so if i need to recreating the character in 3 i got the code. So can i recreating from 3

User Info: SirEsquireIII

6 months ago#2
Honey, here's a quarter. Go put it in a washing machine...

User Info: CommanderAngel1

6 months ago#3
Uhh... lack of grammer notwithstanding, I'll give it a go.

Once you have your "perfect" face for Shepard in the customization menu, write down the face code.

Then on subsequent playthroughs, if you want to try a different class but keep the face, just refer to your written face code.

It won't translate to ME1, but ME2 should be able to use *most* of the code.

The only thing to watch for is that ME1 has a "Scar" slider, so if you want Shepard to have a scar, you'll need to really nail their appearance in ME1 and carry over to ME2 and ME3 without modifying the face at all.

User Info: pprincess

6 months ago#4
ME 3 codes work the best, my ME 2 codes usually need tweaking. Having said that, some faces in ME 3 that I've had from PC-created ME 2 codes are actually the best looking in ME 3 compared to console created codes. Specifically, the skin texture is better in ME 2 from a PC code input on console than a console-created face.
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  3. If i have to recreating character started from me3

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