Favorite mp gun/class combos?

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User Info: phishface

8 months ago#11
GI Talon. A headshot for you, and for you, and you and you and you and you. And now everything's dead
Polo, or mounted combat: https://youtu.be/qC98aGytX10

User Info: xXXxMrBxXXx

8 months ago#12
For Cerberus up to gold: Volus adept with a valiant. Ultra fun to play as.
Everything else: Asari Huntress with Hurricane or Talon.
Or Javelin GI.

User Info: Dregnus

7 months ago#13
"Funnest" character to play is the N7 Shadow. Not the most effective as intended, but a completely different playstyle.

My personal favorite, from start to finish, is the Turian Sentinel. Although he was almost over-taken near the end by the Vanilla Human Adept. Up to Gold I played him with an Incisor or Phaeston, Gold and higher I tended to take a Lancer or a Hurricane.

My favorite "lore-friendly" kit is the Asari Vanguard rocking a Disciple.

User Info: LandfillAO

6 months ago#14
Salarian Infiltrator + Venom. No enemy the set up can't handle with ease.

User Info: HolyDeathBunny

6 months ago#15
Asari Vanguard with a Supressor and the Battlefield 3 Soldier with an M-98 Widow are some of my favorites. I love getting quick/easy headshots and surprising new players when they complain about my loadout and then I'm the only one alive and score higher than them (not that I care about scoring high, just pointing out it's a decent build). I also like using the Falcon for easy ammo priming with any class that has concussive shot or throw for fancy explosions.

User Info: Foreman22

6 months ago#16
Juggernaut Particle Rifle.
All lives matter. Except terrorist.
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