Favorite mp gun/class combos?

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  3. Favorite mp gun/class combos?

User Info: JoseOle789

10 months ago#1
My personal favorite:

Drell infiltrator with the Hurricane. Played well and this combo is death incarnate even in gold and platinum. The smg makes me feel like a true stealthy cleaner.

User Info: Janky

10 months ago#2
Batarian soldier with the harrier. He gets a bigger clip size. He's pretty broken in bronze through gold.

User Info: pfh1001

10 months ago#3
Fury. Don't need know stinking gun! (I take the Collector SMG though).

User Info: FA1THL3SS

10 months ago#4
Geth Infiltrator with the Claymore shotgun.

User Info: FefnirOmega13

10 months ago#5
Turian Sentinel with the Lancer.

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User Info: pfh1001

10 months ago#6
FA1THL3SS posted...
Geth Infiltrator with the Claymore shotgun.

I like Piranha with him more. Maybe the best thing about Andromeda is a 10 round Piranha.

User Info: Nefhith

10 months ago#7
Claymore anything. You're using the gun; the character is just holding it.
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User Info: donkeyofdestiny

10 months ago#8
Tie between Reegar Kroguard and Piranha + Saber Destroyer
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User Info: Ultimate_Noob

10 months ago#9
Geth engineer with a Talon felt like the single most reliable character for me. Shield-gating turret for myself and my team and popping heads with a pocket shotgun.
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User Info: Mr_Pipboy

10 months ago#10
Batarian soldier with a scorpion ... stagger everything.
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  3. Favorite mp gun/class combos?

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