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User Info: shads3055

7 years ago#1
I have a 5 dollar coupon I can use at gamestop. Im thinking about getting it, for fun play in between playing diablo 3. to hold me over till Nov 22nd.

how is the replay. is it fun to hold me over till Nov 22nd.. I liked xcom EU

User Info: RaveRocker

7 years ago#2
Do you like Brothers in Arms or Mass Effect? It plays kinda like a dumb down version of those games with come and go A.I. partners drenched in Xcom esthetics like story, permadeath and squad management.

I rented it still playing it at the moment, imo 35 is bit much for this.

$20 would be the highest I would pay for it.
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User Info: shads3055

7 years ago#3
anks I wont get it

User Info: sflowers539

7 years ago#4
shads3055 posted...
anks I wont get it

Are you really going to decide based on one guys opinion? Most reviews were positive, except for the two major publications. Most fans like it too, I bought it day one and am not into third person strategy combat or turn based games at all, which this essentially is, but I liked the game, and probably will play through twice which is something I rarely do. It is not super long so it probably won't last you to the end of November if you play games each day, but for $35 I think it is a steal, I did not regret buying for $60 even after they dropped the price two weeks later.

User Info: Darque

7 years ago#5
I don't normally do this... but... even though I did enjoy this game.... it's short and not very replayable unless you really like the gameplay style.

It will not hold you for two and a half months.
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User Info: nydv8er

7 years ago#6
Is it worth 35? Yes. The game is mediocre/servicable. It certainly isn't worth the fully 60 i paid for it

Is it gonna last you two months? Absolutely not.

It's a flash in the pan kind of game where it's good to go through it just to say you did and you'll forget it once you're done with it.
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User Info: Xann0

6 years ago#7
Just rent it, you can beat this game in a day. And you won't miss it afterwards because they is very little replay ability.

User Info: Iminyourcloset

6 years ago#8
It's a mass effect clone with a weak story, don't buy it.

Wait for Enemy Within instead
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