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User Info: Lobotomy0

7 years ago#21
Werndan101 posted...
Lobotomy0 posted...

not only do you not get the story, you don't even get that weaver gets to make a choice

Not only do you not get humor, you don't even understand what I wrote; Weaver doesn't get to make a choice when the ethereal is the one controlling her, which is what Carter was flipping out about in the first place. Mind control means YOUR MIND IS BEING CONTROLLED. The ethereal was directing Carter's actions the entire game, but then all of a sudden at the very end Weaver is somehow able to cause the extinction of all the aliens even though the Ethereal, due to my choices made in the story, wants them all to live. There's simply no way the Ethereal wouldn't have stopped Weaver from killing them all - it is controlling her body and mind, and wouldn't allow such a thing to occur.

But, hey, feel free to completely fail to understand me yet again; it's amusing to see you think you know shyt - like watching a hamster run in a wheel.

User Info: Darque

7 years ago#22
You didn't get the story then.

The Ethereal's control is subtle, and when bonded with someone they are a union, not one controlling the other.

That is clearly stated.

Based on what we know, I'd say it's safe to assume that Carter/Ethereal is "Carter with the Ethereal keeping Carter's baggage in check".
Jill Valentine > You

User Info: jeff4433V2

6 years ago#23
Hey guys.....great game.

I chose to merge with Faulk and he had a pretty cool ending.

SPOILERS AHEAD............

After I didn't blow the bomb and DIDN'T kill Carter, I chose to save Weir first and Weaver died in combat.

In Faulk's ending he takes control of the alien race and enslaves them to rebuild the parts of the planet that they destroyed. After they rebuild he kills them all by burning them and bury's all the evidence that anything ever happened. After he did this, the Etheral leaves him and leaves without a trace and they don't know his motive for leaving or why he did what he did.

Pretty cool

I can't wait to play though a couple more times. I really enjoyed this game!
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